How In-Person Events Help Your Online Presence

Simone Cameron October 30, 2023 0 Comments

If you want online recognition, a solid reputation, and clients or customers that come to you, then it is important to get visitors to your website.  This is not only accomplished by great keyword recognition and solid SEO, but also networking and word of mouth.  Networking and word of mouth happen organically over time, but you can help it get there faster by not only relying on your social media, but in-person events as well.  If you are ready to go viral, then it’s time to learn how in-person events help your online presence.  Keep reading to learn more.  

Building a Presence through Partnerships

If you’re old-school, then you understand this concept.  Partnering with other professionals that do something similar, but different can help you build a reputation because your partner is recommending you to others and visa versa.  An example of this might be if you create wedding cakes.  You might partner with a wedding photographer who is fairly well known.  An in-person example of this partnership building your online presence might be you coming on as a guest on one of their podcasts or Instagram lives.  Your social media handles get “tagged” and your partners followers may potentially become your own.  

Building a Presence through Events

There are many different ways to build a presence through events.  If you are coming on as a guest speaker, then the event host will advertise your social media and website.  If you are coming into an event as a vendor, then you will have crowds of people who will walk by your table.  Make sure that no matter the circumstances, you reach out to your customers, say hello, and win over new customers with your winning personality.  Don’t hide behind a table or a microphone.  Broadcast and advertise your social media at every opportunity.  If you have products that customers are buying, make sure that your website and social media are on the label. Many people may not follow your brand until after they’ve tried your product.  

Building a Presence through Your Customers

If one of your customers leaves you a Google review, feel free to copy, paste, and post it on your social media.  Next, you can tag that customer in the social media post, so that the customer’s followers are now also aware of your business.  This customer already offered their opinion to the public, so they shouldn’t have issues sharing their opinion with their friends.  Many new business owners think this tactic is a little pushy so we’ve created an in-person suggestion that is a little less aggressive.  The next time the customer comes to your place of business, thank them for their review.  Next ask them if they would be willing to take a quick selfie with you and allow you the privilege of sharing their review online.  9 times out of 10, your customers are excited to do this for you, especially if you explain your desire to grow as a business.  

Whether it is through partnerships, events, or reviews from customers, you can build a presence online from in-person events.  It isn’t just about sitting behind a computer.  Often times it is just as important to make real posts from candid shots you’ve taken on your phone.  Still need help?  At Annek Marketing Group, we can help your business find the perfect balance when it comes to your marketing and advertising plan.  Our goal is always to help you do more of what you do best.  We’re here to help, so contact us today to learn more about the different options we have to get your business buzzing!

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