Six Great Tips For Excellent Blog

Simone Cameron October 30, 2023 0 Comments

Many website owners have learned that keeping content fresh keeps visitors returning, a Blog therefore is one of our greatest marketing assets. Giving your visitors good content every day or every week can be very difficult, the tips below will help you write content and say the right sort of things.

Some sound advice on successful blogging 

Tips for maintaining a great blog

  1.  When writing consider the Blog’s objective. Perhaps you have started a Blog as a news tool to inform visitors about what is happening in your business industry or hobby field, maybe you use it to drive traffic to a particular page or gain followers on social media. Whatever the use case, stick to it, don’t be tempted to deviate and re-blog articles or topics unrelated to your cause.
  2.  Quality content is better than quantity. Providing value will make visitors return, blogging for the sake of blogging won’t provide an interesting read. Make sure you focus on one or a few topics. If your visitors start seeing post topics deviate from the interest that brought them to your site in the first place, they may start going elsewhere.
  3.  Consider your audience. Your writing style should appeal to your audience, a business website should be professional and avoid slang, a Blog about new products should avoid using technical jargon that confuses visitors. Before you publish, read over your content and ensure it is relevant to your audience.
  4.  Define a posting schedule. Giving your visitors too much to digest and too frequently will overwhelm them. Set yourself a target such as 3-4 posts a month and stick to it, ensure you give yourself enough time between posts to generate quality content next time.
  5.  Connect with visitors and other Bloggers. Linking to your Blog on social media, or vice versa, is a great way to connect with your visitors – not only will they provide feedback and discussion, but they will share content they like with their social circles. This along with links to other blogged content that you reference will also help with SEO.
  6.  Make content easy to read. Break paragraphs up in to manageable chunks, consider breaking lists of information into bullet points, create sub-headings for longer posts and most importantly read over and spell check before publishing.

​Maintaining a blog is a great way to have original content on your website and increasing your site’s visibility and rank on search engines.

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